MSRP: $69.99
PHILIPS Portable CD Player
Brand/Model: PHL AX501817P

If you're someone who doesn't want to spend a fortune having an in-dash car stereo installed, but don't want to be entertained solely by the factory cassette player either, you need the AX5018! This Portable CD player offers continuous in-car music & is Jogproof with 45-Seconds of Electronic Skip Protection! This model includes Headphones, Belt-Clip, AC/DC Adaptor & Car you can listen to those new CD's you picked up at Circuit City anywhere, whether you're on the go or in the car!

Product Specs
PHILIPS Portable CD Player
AM/FM Radio Built-in  NO
Car Kit  YES
Water Resistant  NO
Rechargeable  NO
Anti-Shock Time  45 Seconds
Intro Scan  YES
Remote Control  NO
Volume Limiter  NO
Random Play  YES
Bass Boost or EQ  YES
Battery Quantity  2
Battery Size  AA
Headphone Type  Stereo Headband Headphones
Hold  YES
Resume Play  YES
Auto Power Off  YES
Line Out Jack  YES
Included Accessories  AC/DC Adapter, Stereo Headband Headphones, Belt-Clip, Car Cassette Adaptor, 4.5V Car Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
Other Features  30-Track Programmable, Shuffle, Repeat One/All, CD Music Search, CD Next/Previous, Auto Power Off, Resume, Hold, LCD Display, Line Out Jack, Headphone Jack, Intro-Scan

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