MSRP: $349.99
PHILIPS CD-R/CD-RW High Speed Dubbing Digital Recorder
Brand/Model: PHL CDR775BK

Two decks are better than one, right! Philips' CDR775 is certain proof of that. With one deck for playback & the other for recording this deck does it all including double speed recording, analog & digital recording level control, & 3x CD text features up to 80 characters.

Product Specs
PHILIPS CD-R/CD-RW High Speed Dubbing Digital Recorder
Type of Recorder  CD-R/ CD-RW
# of Discs On Play Side  1
Type of Discs on Play Side  CD
RCA Inputs  1
Digital Optical Inputs  1
Digital Coaxial Inputs  1
RCA Outputs  2
Digital Optical Outputs  0
Digital Coaxial Outputs  2
Remote Control  YES
Undo Recording  NO
Undo Editing  NO
A-B Erase Editing  NO
Track Sequencing  NO
Text Entry  YES
Same Brand CD Synchro Recording  YES
Jog Dial Track Selection  YES
Recording Level Control  YES
Recording Fader  NO
Time/Date Stamp  NO
Headphone Jack  YES
Pitch Control  NO
Programmable Track Playback  YES
High Speed Dubbing  YES
Included Accessories  2 RCA Audio Cables, 1 Digital Coaxial Cable, AC Cord, Remote Control and Batteries
Other Features  2-Disc Simultaneous Playback, CD Deck PLays Unfinalised RW Discs, Records HQ-CD Format, 99-Track Programing, Scrolling Text

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