MSRP: $99.99
PHILIPS 10 Watt 3 CD Shelf System
Brand/Model: PHL FWC10037

Here's your key to great sound from Philips! The FWC10037 can produce superb tunes thanks to the clean & simple design. Plus the 3 CD Changer can play CD-Rs & CD-RWs, all encompassing a dual cassette deck, remote control & a multi-color display. With its full range bass reflex speakers, you can listen to a variety of music, like a champ!

Product Specs
PHILIPS 10 Watt 3 CD Shelf System
System Type  Stereo
Front Watts  10
Center Watts  N/A
Rear Watts  N/A
Subwoofer Watts  N/A
Digital Tuner  40 Presets
Bass Boost  YES
Surround Sound  NO
Matrix Surround Sound  NO
DolbyÆ Pro Logic  NO
DolbyÆ Digital Ready  NO
DolbyÆ Digital  NO
Built-in Equalizer  NO
Remote Control  YES
Number of Components  1
Speaker Height  12.2
Speaker Width  7.2
Speaker Depth  7
Center Height  12.2
Center Width  10.4
Center Depth  12.6
Number of CDs  3
Load Type  Drawer
Play Exchange  YES
Synchronized Recording  YES
Shuffle Play  YES
Text Labels  NO
Digital Output  NO
Cassette Type  Dual
Auto Reverse  NO
Electronic Controls  NO
DolbyÆ Noise Reduction  NO
High Speed Cassette Dubbing  NO
Tape Song Search  NO
MiniDisc Recorder  NO
Front Speaker Type  Full Range with Bass Reflex
Center Speaker Included  NO
Rear Speakers Included  NO
Separate Subwoofer Included  NO
Built-in Subwoofer  NO
Shielded Speakers  NO
Karaoke  NO
Microphone Mixing  NO
Microphone Echo  NO
Vocal Fading  NO
Subwoofer Output Jack  NO
# of RCA Input Jacks  1
# of Digital Input Jacks  0
Clock/Timer/Alarm  YES
Finish  Metallic Silver
Other Features  CD-R/CD-RW Playback, Digital Sound Control

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