MSRP: $59.99
Magnavox Portable MP3 CD Player
Brand/Model: MAG MPC500

If you're an avid jogger, this is the Portable CD Player for you! The Jogproof MPC500 features a 45-Second Electronic Skip Protection for continuous music play and up to five times faster shock recovery than conventional systems. What this means in layman terms is that you can feel free bounce around the room, if you choose, and you won't risk interrupting your music! This model also features 22-Hours Playback, Digital Dynamic Bass Boost and is MP3 & CD-R/RW Compatible!

Product Specs
Magnavox Portable CD Player
FM Radio Built-in  YES
Car Kit  NO
Water Resistant  NO
Rechargeable  NO
Anti-Shock Time  45 Seconds
Intro Scan  YES
Remote Control  NO
Volume Limiter  NO
Random Play  YES
Bass Boost or EQ  YES
Battery Quantity  2
Battery Size  AA
Headphone Type  Stereo Headphones
Hold  YES
Resume Play  YES
Auto Power Off  YES
Line Out Jack  YES
Included Accessories  Headphones
Other Features  30-Track Programmable, Shuffle, Repeat One/All, CD Music Search, CD Next/Previous, Auto Power Off, resume, Hold, LCD Display, Line Out Jack, Headphone Jack, Intro-Scan

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