Philips 4 Head SVHS VCR with VCR Plus+
Brand/Model: PHL VR960BPH

Try this Super VHS 4-Head VCR on for size! All the great features you've been looking for, with the highest quality picture in a VCR. Features like Hi-Fi Stereo Sound with Built-In MTS/SAP Decoder that records from stereo sound sources and VCR Plus+C3ô Easy Taping with Cable Box Control that simplifies VCR programming and recording by allowing you to simply enter a code. Don't forget Auto DBS Recordlinkô for you satellite dish owners! Easy, convenient recording at your fingertips!

Product Specs
Philips 4 Head SVHS VCR with VCR Plus+
Item Height in Inches  3.7
Item Width in Inches  14.2
Item Depth in Inches  10.4
# Video Recording Heads  4
Quasi SVHS Playback  NO
# Programs / # Days  8/365
VCR Plus+ Programming  YES
VCR Plus+ Cable Box Control Programming  YES
Satellite Receiver Control for Programming  YES
Cablebox Mouse IR Controller  NO
Multi-Brand / Multi-Component Remote  YES
Cablebox Control on Remote  YES
Satellite Receiver Control on Remote  YES
Illuminated or Glow Remote  NO
Jog/Shuttle on Remote  NO
Remote Locator Beeper  NO
Auto Clock Setting  YES
Front Input Jack(s)  YES
Battery Backup Time  Indefinite
Indexed Program Search  NO
Auto Movie Rewind / Eject  YES
Movie Advance  NO
Commercial Advance  NO
Autofit Tape Speed Adjustment  YES
Child Lockout  NO
Jog/Shuttle on VCR  NO
Flying Erase Head  NO
Assemble Editing  NO
Other Features  Front A/V jacks, Energy Starô Rated, Crystal Clearô Video, SmartPictureô, SmartClockô, ShowGuardô, Turbo Timerô, 19 Micron Head, Turbo Drive, DBS RecordLinkô, Commercial Skip Search, Front Inputs, Auto Head Cleaner

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