MSRP: $99.99
PHILIPS 8X4X32 Internal CD-RW Drive
Brand/Model: PHL PCRW804K

The Philips PCRW804K Internal CD-RW Drive will leave other CD-RW Drives in the dust with maximum speeds of 32X Read, 8X Write, and 4X Rewrite! And speaking of dust, the PCRW804K's Dust Proof Design will keep your CDs clean and skip-free. You can easily burn up to 650 MB (74 minutes) of your favorite music, photos, and data on each CD-R/CD-RW disc. That's over 450 times more storage capacity than a floppy disk!

Product Specs
PHILIPS 8X4X32 Internal CD-RW Drive
Product Description  CD-RW drive
Type of Device  CD-RW
Internal or External?  Internal
Maximum Drive Speeds  8X Write, 4X Rewrite, 32X Read
>  EIDE(ATAPI) Interface
>>  Random Access Time: 125 ms average
Software Included   
System Requirements  IDE Interface; 166MHz Pentium; Windows 95, 98, or NT; 55MB Hard Disk space(90MB recommended); 32MB RAM
Other Features  2MB Buffer; Internal Dust Sealing Mechanism; Front Panel contains a Headphone Jack, Volume Control, Eject/Close Button, and Emergency Eject Pin Hole

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