MSRP: $3,499.99
PHILIPS 34" Real Flat Widescreen HD TV with PIP
Brand/Model: PHL 34PW9815

The future of television is here! This 34" Philips TV is 1080i HDTV capable (with optional Set-Top Box) & delivers an unbelievable picture in an amazing 16:9 aspect ratio. The Real Flat Widescreen Picture Tube delivers an undistorted & reflection free picture. The GUIDE Plus+ GOLD On-Screen Program Guide provides an instant summary of your favorite shows for free & 2-Tuner Picture-In-Picture allows you to watch two shows at once without having to connect an external VCR.

Product Specs
PHILIPS 34" Real Flat Widescreen HD TV with PIP
Item Height in Inches  25
Item Width in Inches  36.5
Item Depth in Inches  23
Tube Size  34''
Type  HD Widescreen (High Definition 16:9)
1080i/720p Capable  YES
Progressive Scan/Line Doubling  YES
Flat Screen  YES
Comb Filter  NO
Adjustable Color Temperature  YES
Invar Shadow Mask  NO
Velocity Scan Modulation  NO
Stereo Sound  YES
DolbyÆ Digital Surround Sound  NO
DolbyÆ Prologic Surround Sound  YES
BBE Sound Enhancement  NO
2-Speaker Surround Sound Simulation  YES
Commercial Sound Leveler  YES
Bass Boost  NO
Basic Remote  NO
Remote Controls Same Brand A/V Components  YES
Universal Multibrand Remote  YES
Illuminated or Glow Remote  YES
Guide Plusô  YES (Gold)
# A/V Inputs (composite)  3 (with auto-detectible S-Video Input)
# A/V Outputs (composite)  YES
# S-Video Inputs  3
# S-Video Outputs  NO
Dual RF Jacks  NO
Front Input Jack(s)  YES
Component Video Inputs  YES
Built-in DTV Receiver  NO
Built-in Satellite Receiver  NO
Variable/Fixed Audio Output  YES
Picture-in-Picture (PIP)  YES (2-Tuner)
Menu Languages  English, Spanish, French
Channel Labels  YES
Last Channel Recall  YES
Commercial Skip Function  YES
Child Lockout or V-Chip  YES
On/Off/Sleep Timer  YES
Closed Caption on Mute  NO
RadioTuner Built-in  NO
Antenna Included  NO
Other Features  Progressive Scan with Digital Natural Motion, Digital CrystalClear, HD Component Input, Auto Screen Fit, WideScreen Plus, 3D Surround, Active Control with Ambient Light Sensor, Graphical User Interface

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