MSRP: $3,499.99
Philips 60'' HD Digital Projection TV
Brand/Model: PHL 60PP9601

The more gadgets & gizmos you have & the more features they come with, the happier you are. Sound familiar? Then this 60'' High Definition Digital Projection TV from Philips will make you happier than a pig in mud. Packed with features like 3-Line Digital Comb Filter, HD Component Video & RGB Inputs & 2-Tuner Picture-in-Picture, this TV has gizmos galore. And with the ability to hook a digital TV receiver to this TV so you can watch 1080I high-definition programming, it's too good to pass up!

Product Specs
Philips 60'' HD Digital Projection TV
Item Height in Inches  65
Item Width in Inches  53
Item Depth in Inches  29
Screen Size  60 Inch
Type  Digital (Digital 4:3)
1080i/720p Capable  YES
Progressive Scan/Line Doubling  YES
First Surface Mirror  YES
Green Lens Filter  NO
Red Lens Filter  NO
Comb Filter  3-Line Digital
Digital Convergence  NO
Automatic Multipoint Digital Convergence  NO
# of Convergence Points  55
Velocity Scan Modulation  YES
Adjustable Color Temperature  NO
2-Speaker Simulated Surround Sound  NO
DolbyÆ Digital Surround Sound  NO
DolbyÆ Prologic Surround Sound  NO
BBE Sound Enhancement  NO
Front Watts/Channel  N/A
Rear Watts/Channel  N/A
Commercial Sound Leveler  YES
Center Channel Capable  YES
Remote Controls Same-Brand A/V Components  NO
Universal Multibrand Remote  YES
Illuminated or Glow Remote  YES
Guide Plusô  YES (Gold)
Built-in DTV Receiver  NO
Built-in Satellite Receiver  NO
# A/V Inputs (RCA/composite)  3
# A/V Outputs (RCA/composite)  0
# S-Video Inputs  3
# S-Video Outputs  0
Dual RF Jacks  YES
Front Input Jack(s)  YES
Variable Audio Output Jacks  YES
Component Video Inputs  YES
Picture-in-Picture (PIP)  YES (2-Tuner)
Menu Languages  English, Spanish, French
Channel Labels  YES
Commercial Skip Function  NO
On/Off/Sleep Timer  YES
Child Lockout or V-Chip  YES
Built-In Screen Shield  YES
Other Features  Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation (APAC) which acts as a screen saver for your TV. High Definition Component & RGB Inputs. Home Cinema System Universal Remote. Maximum display resolution 1500 x 1080i (1,620,000 pixels).

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